Stepping into Paradise


Maintaining a daily log for a little over two months, while also fitting in all the exploring T & I want to do, would be a daunting task. Instead, I’m going to focus on blogging highlights and gratitudes from the day’s journeys. T & I initially got the idea for recording gratitudes from a TED talk we saw on happiness (if you’re interested in ways to improve your quality of life or just curious, here is the talk, I highly recommend it). We’ve been sharing our daily gratitudes with each other for a few months now and really enjoy reliving these happy moments together.

I think it’s also a good idea to use this blog as a way to let off a little steam by recording things that don’t go so well. I think a little self-depricating humor can go a long way in a blog and, anyway, who wants to read only about the good times? I know well enough that people go to the track not just to watch a race but also see a car wreck ;).  T & I are treating this travel as a journey, rather than the luxurious vacation people tend to associate with tropical places. We are camping on the beach; sleeping on strangers’ couches; exploiting our friends’ generosity by staying in their guest rooms; when we feel like living the good life, renting bedrooms from AirBnB and for some nights, nothing is planned, we’re just going to wing it! For this reason, there will be numerous opportunities for things to, well, screw up – producing more fodder for this cannon.

R’s gratitudes & highlights:

The long nap we took during the hottest part of the day, which helped tremendously with the terrible case of jetlag I’m struggling to get over.


The warm and muggy climate, from dawn ’til dusk perfect shorts weather. Stepping off the plane felt like someone wrapping me up in a warm, slightly wet, blanket. To some, this may sound unappealing, but it is my ideal climate, and after the 30 degree weather in NYC that we left, it was exactly what I needed.


Lounging on Coconut Island with the locals. We read, did some acro, swam and had our first taste of jumping off rocks into water. Hopefully, there is more of that to come. Tom jumping from the highest rock:

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@leafitalone high jump!

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T’s gratitudes & highlights:

Seeing the Banyan trees, they’re just so beautiful.


The little goofy birds.


Getting local fruits at the Farmer’s market.


Waking up at 4:00AM (it felt like 10:00AM to us), basking in the sounds of the wildlife outside and enjoying our (what we thought was) privacy. We found out later we were sharing the little house with another couple, asleep in the bedroom upstairs – I hope they didn’t mind the early wake up call!


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