The Countdown Begins

While Tom & I are going to terribly miss so many people and things in NYC, it’s time for us to leave the city behind for greener pastures, (or, rather, bluer oceans). We feel incredibly lucky to have had the opportunity to live in the big apple and will never forget the many things we’ve learned in our time here.  We plan to (most likely) end our journey on the West Coast to put down roots in sunny SoCal after jet setting around the world for 2 + months. We take off in just 24 days, not that we’re counting or anything.


It took us many months to put the trip itinerary together. In fact, we didn’t know all the details ourselves until just a few days ago (!) but we’ve got it all worked out now and here it is, in black & white =).

Hawaii: Oct. 26 to Dec. 14
Island hopping in this order: Big Island, Maui, Kauai, O’ahu
Celebrating Tom’s Birthday!

Belize: Dec. 15 to Dec. 25

Marseille, France: Dec. 25 – 28
Celebrating Rachael’s Birthday!

Mediterranean Cruise: Dec. 29 to Jan. 5
Docking in France, Spain, Tunisia, Italy
Celebrating our 1 year anniversary!!

Vermont: Jan. 6 to pick up Apollo Cat

California: Jan. 7 +


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